I am broadly interested in the diversity in state and city-level politics regarding punishment, incarceration, and criminal justice. My published papers can be found online, or you can contact me for digital copies.

Here is a list of some of my published and working paper projects, some more nascent than others. Drafts available upon request.


Captive Market: Accountability and State Prison Privatization. Oxford University Press. 2022.

Journal Articles

Clark, Tom, Elisha Cohen, Adam Glynn, Michael Leo Owens, Anna Gunderson, and Kaylyn Jackson Schiff. ``Are Police Racially Biased in the Decision to Shoot?" Conditionally accepted at The Journal of Politics.

Gunderson, Anna and Huber, Laura. 2022. ``Blue First and Foremost: Female Descriptive Representation, Rape, and the Justice Gap." Online at Perspectives on Politics: 1-16.

Gunderson, Anna. 2022. ``Descriptive Representation and Prosecutorial Discretion: Race, Sex, and Carceral Disparities." Online at American Politics Research.

Gunderson, Anna. "Ideology, Disadvantage, and Federal District Court Inmate Civil Rights Filings: The Troubling Effects of Pro Se Status.'' The Journal of Empirical Legal Studies 2021, 18(3): 603-628.

Gunderson, Anna. "Who Punishes More? Partisanship, Punitive Policies, and the Puzzle of Democratic Governors." Political Research Quarterly, 2021, 1-17.

Gunderson, Anna, Elisha Cohen, Kaylyn Jackson Schiff, Tom S. Clark, Adam Glynn, and Michael Leo Owens. "Counterevidence of Crime-Reduction Effects from Federal Grants of Military Equipment to Local Police." Nature Human Behaviour, 2020.

Gunderson, Anna. "Why Do States Privatize Their Prisons? The Unintended Consequences of Inmate Litigation.'' Perspectives on Politics, 2020, 1-18.

Gunderson, Anna. "Representation, Incorporation, and Corrections Spending: The Counterbalancing Effect of Black Political Incorporation.'' The Journal of Race, Ethnicity, and Politics, 2020, 1-31.

Cohen, Elisha, Anna Gunderson, Kaylyn Jackson, Paul Zachary, Tom S. Clark, Adam N. Glynn, and Michael Leo Owens. "Do Officer-Involved Shootings Reduce Citizen Contact with Government?" The Journal of Politics, 2019, 81(3): 1111-1123.

Other Writings

Review of Hands Up, Don't Shoot: Why the Protests in Ferguson and Baltimore Matter, and How They Changed America by Jennifer E. Cobbina (New York University Press, 2019). Law and Politics Book Review, 30(5): 81-85.

"The Future of Federal Prison Privatization is Bleak... Or Is It?," blog post on 3Streams, 2020.

Selected Works in Progress

"Prisoner Filing Rates, Judicial Skepticism, and Prison Privatization."

"Beyond the Boy's Club: Women's Leadership and Police Behavior." With Laura Huber.

"Noncongruent Policymaking by Cities for Citizens with Criminal Records: Representation, Organizing, and 'Ban the Box.'" With Michael Leo Owens.

"Lobbying Inside (and) Out: Interest Group Behavior on Social Media." With Kirsten Widner and Maggie Macdonald.

"Pursuing Change or Pursuing Credit? Litigation and Credit Claiming on Social Media.'" With Kirsten Widner and Maggie Macdonald.