I am broadly interested in the diversity in state and city-level politics regarding punishment, incarceration, and criminal justice. My published papers can be found online, or you can contact me for digital copies. 

Here is a list of some of my working paper projects; see my CV for published works. Drafts available upon request.

Book in Progress

The Haves and Have-Nots in the Era of Trump Judges: Representation and Amicus Briefs at the Supreme Court, 2016 to 2021. With Kirsten Widner. Under advance contract with Cambridge University Press, Elements in American Politics. 

Selected Works in Progress

Judicial Candidate Gender and Campaign Platforms.” With Nichole Bauer, Kate Bratton, Belinda Davis, Elizabeth Lane, Jeong Kim, and Katie Searles.

“Gendered Accountability: Do Voters Reward Women for Supporting Womens Interests?” With Nichole Bauer, Jeong Kim, Elizabeth Lane, Belinda Davis, and Katie Searles.

“Posting About Protest: The 2020 Mass Protests and Police Department Social Media.” With Maggie Macdonald.

“Lobbying Inside (and) Out: Interest Group Behavior on Social Media.” With Kirsten Widner and Maggie Macdonald.

“Interest Groups and Social Media Usage: How Do Organizations’ Posts Differ Across Facebook and Twitter?” With Kirsten Widner and Maggie Macdonald.

“Beyond the Boy’s Club: Women’s Leadership and Police Behavior.” With Laura Huber.

“Fear and Loathing on Social Media: How Interest Group Use Emotion to Mobilize Followers.” With Justin Rose, Maggie Macdonald, and Kirsten Widner.

“Who Deserves Mercy? State Pardons, Commutations, and the Determinants of Clemency.” Book manuscript.

“The Effects of Prison Gerrymandering on Representation.” With Kristy Pathakis.

“But Why, Though? Understanding Public Response to Interest Group Amicus Activity.” With Elizabeth Lane, Jessica Schoenherr, and Kirsten Widner.

“Women Who Run in Electoral Contexts.” With Nichole Bauer, Emily Rains, and Annie Sheehan-Dean.